'REED' these Rules of the Road to Avoid Raised Eyebrows

Dress To Impress

Woman with Suitcase and Bag

Dress To Impress

Always dress as if you have somewhere important to go because when you dress like a VIP you will probably be treated as such. Therefore,​

  • Err on the side of being overdressed. You don't have to show up to the airport in a fur coat or a three-piece suit. Proper grooming goes a long way.

  • Ensure your clothing fits properly. If you are continually making adjustments it does not fit. Give your outfits a trial run by wearing them around the house before you pack them.

  • Unless you live in the Playboy Mansion pajamas or underclothes in public is never proper! Period! For long haul flights if you must change find sleepwear that can be mistaken for day clothes.

  • Press your clothes. Many hotels outside the US do not have irons in the room, yet one can be requested.

  • Defer to the restaurants dress code when making reservations.


Reminder the best item to wear is always a smile!

Personal Space

Social Distance

Personal Space

  • Do not take up more space than necessary. Make efforts to keep luggage, feet, or coats off seats to allow others to sit.

  • Wait for the next train or elevator if the current one is overcrowded. 

  • The middle seat gets the arm rests. Give them a break!

  • Minimize foods with strong odors or heavy cologne when traveling in close quarters.


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  • Do not use the speaker feature on personal electronic devices in public areas or on planes. Acquire headphones.

  • When talking use your classroom voice.

  • Do not kill the messenger. Especially if it is an issue beyond their control.

  • Take visual cues on planes. Do not be a 'Chatty Cathy' while your neighbors are trying to get some sleep.

  • If you receive outstanding service, make sure to take notes and write a great review.

Manners & Self-Awareness

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Manners & Self-Awareness​​

Remember you are a visitor and should follow the laws and respect the culture.

  • Learn as much about your destination prior to your visit. This includes key phrases if you do not speak the language, tipping, and faux pas.

  • At museums remember others would like to view the works of art. Of the thousands of photos on your phone, how many have you revisited? Minimize the time to take photos or stand in front of an object.

  • Avoid flash photography. This is especially true in fine dining establishments and small venues.

  • Controversial topics and complaints about your host destination (even on social media) should be avoided.

  • Wait your turn. If someone is in a line to speak with an agent, then they have an issue that is just as important as yours.

  • When overhead bin space is limited do not place your coat there. Hang it on your headrest facing your back, ask the flight attendant to hang it in the closet, or lay across your lap.

  • If you over pack do not expect your travel mates to carry your stuff.  

Remember good manners are a universal language!