The Art of Gift Giving - How to Give and Receive

Mother's Day is around the corner and millions are scrambling to find the perfect gift for the women in their lives. Allow the Wright Life experts to provide some tried and true advice on finding and receiving the perfect gift.


Make It Personal

Let me first start out with this warning. Do not give items you want the recipient to have or what you like; gift items people want. Understand what brings them joy. Find clues on their social media, take note of items in their home, or ask their friends. Even a grand vacation might now be so grand if the person lacks vacation days.


Once my boyfriend and I sent a single friend flowers at work for Valentine's Day. I spent many years single so I understand the feeling of watching my company's lobby flooded with flowers and balloons, and I didn't want her to feel that way. The second time I sent her flowers she said, "next time could you just send a bottle of liquor". Though it is a faux pas for her to express her preference in this manner, it was true she would appreciate the liquor over flowers. I was giving her a gift I love, not what she enjoyed.

Make It By Hand

Homemade items such as baked goods will never end up in the re-gift pile. Even when I am on a diet I will freeze perishable items until I am able to enjoy them. In 2020 my go-to gifts were face masks I made. They were practical because we were all required to wear them. Plus, I ensured the fabric design and fit was tailored towards the recipient.

Make It Easy

Avoid gifts that require additional work. If batteries or assembly are required provide as part of the gift. Ensure gifts of flowers are presented in a vase, which prevents the receiver from searching for one. In addition, provide gift receipts in case a different size is needed or they already have the item. Remember gift certificates and money never go out of style, especially if you know the recipient is in need.


Yes there are rules for receiving gifts.

  • Do not ask how much a gift costs.

  • Do not inquiry what was bought for the other women in their lives. For example, if your son gives you a gift, don't ask what he bought his mother-in-law.

  • Do not re-gift unless you explain to the recipient it a re-gift.

  • Do not feel obligated to give something back in return. This goes both ways. Givers should not expect something in return.

  • Do show genuine gratitude. I cannot count how many times I have heard stories of people snubbing gifts or wanting more. Be thankful for what is given.

Most importantly, only give what you can afford. Splurging on gifts for others that are not within your budget will just bring guilt from both sides. In lieu of physical gifts think of other non-monetary options to show them you care. Examples include: help them clean out the garage they have been complaining about, send a funny gifs in lieu of gifts, or a simple phone call.


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What is the best gift you have received or given?

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