• Nicole Reed

Matcha Made in Heaven!

As a young child my grandmother permitted us to drink coffee whenever we made her a cup of coffee. We lived in Cincinnati and Proctor & Gamble's Folger's coffee was king! There would be an inch of think sugar lining the bottom of our cups and of course whole milk! We would Eventually the novelty wore off and I never really drank it since. I absolutely adore the smell of fresh brewed coffee and coffee candles, yet the taste doesn't resonate with me.

Dubliners tried to convinced me to try Irish coffee, in San Juan claims were made that Puerto Rico coffee is the best, and Seattle there is a coffee shop on almost every corner. Even the Italians could not sway me with their ice creamed affogatos. I have traveled the world and it is only tea for me!

CNN a published two days ago states green tea has less caffeine than coffee, is a rich source of the antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG, and also contains the amino acid theanine, which may help reduce stress and promote calm feelings. With the global pandemic wrecking havoc our lives these are benefits we can all appreciate.

My all time favorite is Matcha green tea. I traveled to Japan in 2007 and purchased so much matcha tea my Tokyo based colleagues asked if tea was sold in the States. Matcha is considered the master of teas because it is used in the illustrious Japanese tea ceremonies. Plus it is believed matcha provides the most health benefits because the entire leaf is consumed (via the grinding of the leaf into a powder) versus the infusion of tea leaves in water.

While others may see the rituals of matcha as laborious, I appreciate ritual and time it takes to properly prepare! If you are new to match I recommend purchasing a starter kit with all of the tools (e.g., bamboo whisk). Typically I purchase my matcha at HMart, a large Asian grocery store chain.

Matcha is versatile! Protein shakes, Oreo filling, Kit Kat, and the two pints of matcha tea ice cream in my freezer is evidence of the culinary popularity!

Matcha foodies can While CBD and Kale products are cropping up on the beauty scene, matcha mania has already dominated the self care aisles for years and I don't believe it will be slowing down. During these increased days inside matcha is an excellent option for DIY beauty recipes for face masks, body scrubs, and bath soaks. Trust me your matcha concoctions will not have you looking like a green martian!

What is your favorite? How did you fall in love with tea?

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