Let Them Eat Cake

Updated: Jan 14

Happy New Years! No, I am not two weeks late. My personal new year doesn't began until my birthday; January 13th! It would not make much sense if I started a resolution to save money, lose weight.... and then less than two weeks later be tempted to break it.

Actually, this year is a tad bit different. I jumpstarted my mission to lose weight, focus on my business, and implement more self-care into my daily routine before the winter holidays. If I can abstain from alcohol, sweets, and carbs through the holiday season, than the rest is downhill. So, let them eat cake! My portion too! Cake on my birthday is a ritual that is extremely sentimental to me! Instead of indulging, later today I will don a pair of ice skates and enjoy something I have not done in years.

The year 2020 was a particularly interesting year to say the least. The pandemic, travel bans, US presidential election, industries being decimated, young legends leaving the earth. Since social and mainstream media did a thorough job of covering these heartbreaking subjects I do not feel the need for them to be the sole focus of this post.

Condolences for my inability to travel poured in throughout 2020. Though bummed about the travel ban, it did not impact me as hard as people suspect. I began the year in Ghana, spent my birthday in NYC, relaxed in Arizona, and went back to NYC all before the lockdown began. Plus, twenty years ago I took my first international solo trip and I have been soaring ever since. Several years I spent 65% of my time on the road for work and for pleasure. My experiences are enough for now to hold me over. I do not travel for the sake of travel or collecting passport stamps. I like to relax and immerse myself in the culture. Do not get me wrong. I have enjoyed short trips and partook in the tourist-focused itineraries. For my solo trips I need inspiration or an event. For example, my 41st birthday was spent in UAE because I learned the Louvre Abu Dhabi had opened there two months prior. The experience did not disappoint.

What I loved about 2020!

  • A blessing from 2020 came in the form of my creative side blossoming. Mask making became my obsession. I already had a sewing machine and fabric, then a few YouTube videos later I was dangerous. I gifted so many I am certain my friends wanted me to stop. Sitting at my machine with a cup of tea is so therapeutic and fills me with purpose.

  • Three of my dear friends brought life into this world in 2020. These bundles of blessings I cannot feel or hear, yet seeing them virtually or via photos fill my heart with so much joy.

  • The kindness of others. Throughout 2020 I received so many gifts from friends and acquaintances. Flowers, bath & beauty products, vegetables, sweet potato pies, fabric, cards, gift certificates, chicken sandwiches poured in. In addition, we held virtual tea parties, happy hours, and wellness checks. Social distancing picnics, brunches, and dinners became commonplace. My fur nieces and nephews showed me so much love and kept me comforted.

  • The best aspect of 2020 was the fact I was able to slow down. As an introvert the constant traveling, socializing, eating out, and drinking became draining. The year was spent writing my book, focusing on my mental and physical health, and nurturing relationships that fulfill me. My Home Harmonization services began to expand at the end of the year unto the new year.

My heart and prayers continue to go out to those negatively impacted by the events of 2020.

Yesterday, January 12th, I was giddy with excitement about bringing in the new year and smug about the prior year leaving me pretty much unscathed. As I was multitasking and watching a series about life after death, I received the news that someone dear to me had suddenly passed. Was that a coincidence?

Dr. Patterson has been one of thee most influential people on my adult life and I know countless others feel the same way. She was one of my biggest cheerleaders, an advocate and practitioner of energy healing, my support system, and one of the most compassionate beings I have ever met. I can hear her voice saying, "Nicole, show yourself some grace," and I carry in my wallet a black stone she gave me for protection.

The temptation to wallow in grief and tears is overwhelming, yet I will not go down that path and undo all of the progress we made. A lifeforce such as hers cannot simply be extinguished. Dr. Patterson is still out there just in a different form. My gratitude for having that energy and light in my life is going to fuel me into living my purpose and expanding on her legacy of healing. Thanks Dr. P!

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