Head in the Clouds: My Spiritual Journey

Sedona has always been magical to me. I recall my first visit over a decade ago. I was in Scottsdale for a relaxing weekend spa retreat when a friend and I decided to drive to Sedona on our last day in Arizona. When my eyes met the valley of Red Rocks I made a promise to myself; this will is where I will retire.

2019 is shaping up to be transformative. My meditation and mindfulness practice is growing. I discovered Reiki and received my level two certification, during which my teacher said the crystal utilized for healing will find us. In order to assist in my crystal's journey to find me I am compelled to visit every gemstones shop within a 15 mile radius. As a result my collection of natural art and stones is steadily increasing and I have already booked a 2020 trip to Tuscan for the world's largest Gem, Mineral, & Fossil showcase. With all of this said my spirit was not completely fed. Sedona was calling me.

My intentions for a extended weekend at an Arizona resort, morphed into a solo road trip from San Francisco to Phoenix. In separate posts I will go more in depth about my food advertures (Trou Normand, Bar Crenn, La Copine, and FnB); yet it was my desire to experience a restaurant in the Yucca Valley that landed me at my first stop.

The Yucca Valley is sandwiched between Joshua Tree National Park, Palm Springs, and Pioneertown. What I found intriguing about the region was the duality of "God is Real" signage and metaphysical outlets. The impression I got was the area was equal part hippie and evangelical. I should not be surprised by the religious roots planted here. Joshua Tree was named by a group of 19th century Mormon settlers who were reminded of the Biblical story of Joshua when they happened upon a variety of Yucca trees after crossing the grueling Mohave desert.

A kind fellow Midwesterner I met at La Copine recommended I pay a visit to Joshua Tree Rock Shop after she spied me admiring her crystal necklace. The owner and many of the gemstones are from Brazil. As a supplier of shops throughout North America he is extremely knowledgable and carries rare items.

Unfortunately, I did not have the insights to schedule a sound bath at the Integratron, only because I learned about it during a dinner conversation with a stranger the night before I was due to leave. This 38 feet cupola was based on the design of Moses' Tabernacle, Tesla's writings, and direction from extraterrestrials. I said the area was intriguing. The Integratron has made appearances on Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown and funding from Howard Hughes was used for its construction.

Next stop: Sedona. The drive to Arizona was absolutely serene. For well over 100 miles in the Mohave Desert phone service is non-existent, car sightings is sporadic, and no buildings as far as the eye can see. The landscape was postcard perfect and the "quiet" I needed. Plus now I have the entire Hamilton soundtrack memorized.

Mohave Desert - I randomly stopped and took this shot

My primary mission in Sedona was to pay a visit to the vortexes. Some believe all of Sedona is a vortex; and there are four locations in the city that have been identified as being hotspots. I ran into a slight detour on my way to the Boynton Pass Vortex. Actually I assumed the cars and groups of people on Dry Creek Road were there for the vortex. I blindly followed and after an hour hike I was on Devil's Bridge. For those with a fear of heights I caution you the end of the trek is not for the faint of heart.

Eventually I found the Boynton Pass Vortex. When I arrived at the vista I expected crowds, yet shortly after my arrival I was alone. I found a spot to take off my shoes and take in the splendor. I meditated, cried, disconnected, and imagined what the Native Americans must have felt when they gazed upon the same site. At times I envy Europe for their castles and cathedrals, and Asia for their Great Walls. When I look upon the red rocks of Arizona I recognize that man did not have to build what Mother Nature provided.

Boynton Pass Vortex - Taken while sitting on the vista

The airport vortex is the perfect location to catch the the colorful sunset. I used my second visit to the airport vortex to charge my crystals and gems in the Arizona sun.

This is the image I captured near the airport.

Sedona is rich with mystical shops and energy healers. Crystal Magic is the Walmart of gem shops. It is a smorgasbord of stones, art, cards, oils, and most importantly knowledge. A beautiful citrine slab I bought graces my entertainment center.

The last stop of my voyage was Civana in Carefree, Arizona just north of Scottsdale. The resort has a world class spa with impressive pools, saunas, and a luxury lounge. Prior to my service the masseuse had me draw my intention on a stone tablet with a paintbrush and water. My inscription evaporated and so did every knot in my body after the massage.

I took part in the guided group hike. The group learned the Tonto National Park is the second largest in the country, yet the most unknown. The next morning at the suggestion of the guide I took a solo hike at the Jewel of the Creek Preserve, which is home to the largest and most spectacular cacti in the world. Some touring over 40 feet with arms contorted in every direction. I did not take many photos since the park ranger explained that if a rattlesnake is on the path wait and let it pass, and the night camera caught a large animal.

Make sure to stop by Rare Earth Gallery after your hike. This upscale rock shop has some of the largest and lavish specimens I have ever seen.

I am so grateful I was able to visit Joshua Tree and Arizona to recharge. My younger self felt protected and I was at peace. Until we meet again!

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