Chasing Rainbows: Restaurant Review - Ducasse Sur Seine, Paris

When it was announced last year that the World's Most Michelin Starred Chef was opening a floating restaurant in September 2018 I was probably the first person to put my virtual reservation out into the Universe. I am obsessed with the Ducasse brand.

Dining at a Ducasse restaurant is a full fledge sensory journey. The servers move with choreographed steps, the decor is elegantly lavish, and the food is flavorful art. My first experience at the iconic Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée gave had me giddy and a private dinner party at Versailles made me twirl as if I was Cinderella.

During the 2019 World's 50 Best Restaurant awards I likely cheered the loudest as Plaza Athénée pastry chef, Jessica Préalpato, took home top honors, and Head Chef Romain Meder accepted the award for #16!

Luckily my New York based foodie friend decided she would meet me in Paris and I gave her my wish list of restaurants. I explained Ducasse Sur Seine is not optional! Having not had a previous Ducasse journey her expectation was we would have typical river cruise fare in a boat that is drab and over worn by flocks of tourists and couples celebrating anniversaries. Like most people she was of the opinion that river boat cuisine cannot be elevated. She was pleasantly surprised.

The docking location at the base of the Eiffel Tower is fitting. It symbolize Chef Ducasse's new relationship with the monument since vacating the two-star Michelin restaurant inside after a decade. The Ducasse Sur Seine now allows him to admire her full form from across the banks, while romancing other Paris landmarks along the river.

Upon arriving for lunch reservations we were warmly greeted and caught a glimpse of the immaculate interiors. As much as I detest bathroom selfies I had to take my first because it was so nice, but of course I will not post! The silver and blue toned first level dining rooms are sleek and cool, while the second level has warm copper hues and wide open viewing decks. We were escorted to our table at the front of the boat and then quickly set sail. Moments later, to our amazement, it began to rain and the most vibrate double rainbow decorated the sky. This set the tone for the remainder of our 1.5 hour lunch.

With a glass of champagne in hand we decided to upgrade to the four courses versus the three we had reserved. The tempo of the boat allowed us to take in all of the splendor along the shores of the Seine and the spacing amongst the tables allowed us to have a peaceful meal without overhearing conversations of our neighbors. Service was perfectly curated and evenly paced. Most importantly the food was delicious, beautiful, and completely satisfying.

A trip to Paris is not complete without visiting a Ducasse restaurant. Now you are able to sightsee and dine eloquently at the same time. Share with me your favorite Ducasse experience.

*All photos are my own.

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