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Throwback - Thailand 2009

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The travel throwbacks continue. Last week it was China and now we have arrived in Thailand. In "real life" when I left China I flew directly to Thailand. I figured since I'm in that neck of the woods I might as well make the most of it.

Thailand is the Mecca for spa addicts like myself. This was a bucket list trip and my airfare was covered trip so I decided to splurge. Since pampering and relaxation is what I desired, a Six Senses Destination Spa was a nature choice. Even in 2018 it has been voted the world’s No. 1 Hotel Brand for the second consecutive year by Travel & Leisure. (Note: The Naka Island property I stayed has been rebranded to Starwood Luxury Collection.)

From Bangkok I took a flight to Phuket, where I was driven to a dock to be whisked away to a private island by speedboat. After the short ride I arrive at my home for the next five days. My stay coincided with their low season, which allowed me to fully take in the beauty and tranquility of the resort. To avoid distractions to the aesthetics, everyone was provided the same cream-colored clothing that matched the relaxed atmosphere.

Each villa featured open-air bathrooms, private plunge pools, and spacious outdoor areas. I will admit going to the toilet in the middle of the night did freak me out! There were added touches such as a bike at the door with a wooden license plate of my initials. I will admit I did forget how to ride a bike and had to "Fred Flintstone" it a few times. A rock decorated with eyes took the place of a "do not disturb" sign.

The main infinity pool boasted spectacular views of the bay’s limestone cliffs. I took advantage of a class at the yoga pavilion and got in a few quick workouts at the ample size gym. Included in the rate was butler service and delicious pescatarian meals (no alcohol), which were served in the restaurant and allowed me to chat up some of the guests (a woman from Singapore traveling solo, Australian couple based in Qatar, a woman who evaluated luxury hotels around the world).

The spa was a true oasis. My two daily spa services had me in heaven. Holistic treatments from throughout Asia were practiced at the spa. Warning... Sharing Penalty... Even though on the resort I was drinking my body weight in water, after the amazing lymphatic massage my urine was so strong! It really worked! One guy told me he had the Hawaiian four hand, choreographed massage. He said he could see that they were moving in rhythmically in unison as oil rained down on their feet.

Destination spas such as Six Senses aim to have everything you need on the property. Excursions could be booked and I was able to get a boat to the city to explore Phuket (with my butler as my guide/chaperon). He even took me to their sister property for lunch.

The beautiful Thai people are genuinely warm and were rarely seen without a smile on their face. The food was mouthwatering (not just because of the spices) and the nature scenery revivals any tropical destination.

After I left my retreat I was jolted back into reality when I arrived back in Bangkok. The Night Market was highly recommended and is worth the trip. I still have things that I bought there.

I been around the world a few times since this trip and it is still difficult to match the level of service, beauty, and peace I found in Thailand. I will be back.

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