10 Travel Commandments

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Since I spend a considerable amount of time traveling people automatically assume I can travel with anyone. I love my friends but not all are compatible travel companions. My "nature" makes me an ideal solo traveler or I tend to travel well with other soloists.

If you follow these 10 Commandments you have potential of being my travel soulmate.

1. Don't be cheap on vacation! At times we are doing once in a lifetime experiences. Live it up. Note: Cheap and budget conscious do not have to be the same.

2. Do respect other cultures when traveling internationally (a.k.a. don't embarrass me). Be open, respectful, and mindful that norms, LAWS, and standards can vary widely from country to country. You will be locked up abroad by your damn self.

3. People over 35 do get your own bed or room (extreme snorers you probably need to get your own room).

4. Do not get offended if someone goes off and does their own thing. It is their vacation too! I typically need at least one day to myself.

5. I don't babysit grown folks. Be where you need to be on time. Note: I am going to make sure you do not go missing and if you miss your flight I will be waiting at the resort with a drink for you.

6. Do love to walk. I jokingly say I have Harriet Tubman feet because I can walk basically any where. This is my exercise for the day, plus I have found so many hidden gems that I would have missed in a car.

7. Do carry your own stuff and don't expect me to help even if I have less. I only pack carry-ons and typically do not buy souvenirs so I can be agile and relaxed.

8. Do not invite others on the trip without consulting others in the group.

9. If you are responsible for a portion of the itinerary (e.g., booking train tickets, confirming the hotel) please do your due diligence at least two weeks prior for domestic and a month for international trips.

Most importantly....

10. B!tch Don't Kill My Vibe! Drama queens and chronic complainers need to stay home or travel alone. I get enough of that in my real life.

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