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I Love You Always

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day! What am I totally in love with? If you guessed dining out you are right! I even enjoy watching stories about great restaurants and culinary experiences .

Recently I was watching Netflix and stumbled upon 42 Grams, which presents the behind the scenes view of one of Chicago's two Michelin starred restaurants. Unfortunately it closed in 2017 before I was able to go and my main dining buddy had raved about her experience there. I won't bring up the fact she snuck behind my back and went alone... Yes, I have forgiven her of this transgression and she remains my friend (unless it happens again).

After watching the documentary I did a search to see what chef Jake Bickelhaupt was up to. For those who do not know Jake he is a two times James Beard semi-finalist and Trotter’s-/Alinea-/Schwa-trained chef specializing in cutting-edge modern cuisine. Luckily for me he has Konro, which is a BYOB supper club wandering thru undisclosed locations in Chicago.

I quickly swooped up a ticket to Konro's Pre-Valentine's Tasting Menu this past Sunday. Several hours before the dinner a friend from Miami texted, "Have you been to 42 Grams". Of course all my culinary friends are watching the same Netflix's documentary. I am the first to arrive and graciously met by Steve, who escorts me to the condo art gallery. The space is unique and eclectic. I love it! Most of the art is re-purposed furniture from Chicago Public Schools.

Even though we were the fourth and last seating of the day, Jake and his team were welcoming and upbeat. The vibe was playful and chill. Once all the guests arrived the magic continued. There were nine courses: Yellowfin Tuna, Spanish Mackerel, Eel, Winter Salad, Wisconsin Veal Sweetbreads, Canadian Lamb Tartare, Duck, and two desserts. Please do not ask me to pick a favorite! I ate every single bite of every course!

I am now a fan of Jake Bickelhaupt and the concept of the wandering supper club. Jake truly seemed happy to have us and he truly has a passion for what he does which is rare to find. Follow him on social media and visit his site (https://www.konrochicago.com) to get on the mailing list. I will be on the lookout for his next pop-up and hopefully I will be able to bring some of you along!

***All photos are from the event.

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