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Happy New Year!!!

I got hot sauce in my bag swag!

Happy New Year!

For me the New Year doesn’t begin until after my birthday. I have always been more of a “birthday” versus a “holiday” person; however, growing up I resented having a January birthday! People were broke from the Christmas holidays or all partied out from NYE. Plus in the Midwest January is one of the coldest months of the year. I dreamed of having a birthday BBQ Pool party!

In recent years I have embraced my birthday. I share my birthday month with some very extraordinary people. Martin Luther King, Jr., Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres Alexander Hamilton, Elvis Presley just to name a few.

This year my birthday was epic because of a trip to the UAE (more to come on that) and the night before the Grammy’s I had a joint birthday party with a dear friend. It was a small Grammy-themed costume party at a karaoke lounge. Thanks Tracy & Johnni for planning! Originally I was inspired to go as Kelis; however, when I tried on a corset I was feeling more “milk jug” than “milkshake”. Luckily (and humorously) it didn’t require much for me to “get in formation” and switch it up to Beyoncé. (FYI – I bought my black hat years before the Lemonade album dropped.)

My friends embraced the theme and performances were

made by another Beyoncé, two Pitbulls, Madonna, Rhianna, Axl Rose, Chaka Khan, and Cindy Lauper. Since we are in Chicago an appearance by Yeezus (Kanye) was mandatory. Special shout outs to the best MC ever Rick James b!@#$... Also Michael Jackson and Mary J Blige were in the house. Both are prone to perform their songs, as well as everyone else’s. Hey, they know how to keep the party going!!!

Moët and yes that is a Grammy bag with ginormous "skins"! Thanks Tracy and Ka'Ron

The true star of the night was the AMAZING Grammy cake from Alliance Bakery. Not only was the cake stunningly beautiful it was absolutely delicious. My red lip shape cake two years ago was also from Alliance and once again they did not disappoint.

I am blessed to see another year and I look forward to sharing my future and past experiences with all of you!



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