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ReedNWright's philosophy is an orderly home is a precursor to good etiquette. Timeliness, entertaining, and mood are negatively impacted if your home is in disarray. My services are called upon when clients need assistance before or after a move, seasonal decluttering, or prior to hosting an event in their home.

In the spirit of simplicity my daily rates are $400/day for the Midwest & The South, and $500/day for the East & West Coasts.

Contact us to schedule your consultation and learn more about how we can harmonize your home.

Home Harmonization 

& Organization

Organizing and simplifying all of your home, especially secondary spaces such as closets, cabinets, pantries, and drawers.


First we will have a virtual consultation and tour to get a sense of your style, routines, and desired outcome. We can shop for supplies or work with what you have. 

Home Inventory

Do you need an inventory of your high value items for insurance purposes, estate planning, gifting, or just to know what you have?

As a former Certified Internal Auditor and Finance professional, our founder, Nicole Reed, has the knowledge and professionalism to perform and document a thorough inventory of your cherished belongings.

Moving Assistance

"I love moving" has been said by no one ever. Moving is stressful and you do not have to manage the process alone.


We can facilitate the purging process, coordinate with the movers, pack/unpack your possessions, as well as creating a checklist of required tasks needed at the old and new place.

Special Services

Smudging and Home Reiki Service: As a trained Reiki Master, smudging and home reiki service can be added on to all Home Harmonization services for $25.

Interior Design: ReedNWright is proud to partner with LUX Living 365 for clients in need of design services. 

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