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ReedNWright's philosophy is an orderly home is a precursor to good etiquette. Timeliness, entertaining, and mood are negatively impacted if your home is in disarray.


My services are called upon when clients need assistance prior to hosting an event at their home, organizing closets, or getting settled after a move.

Contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation and learn more about how we can harmonize your home.

Home Harmonization

Organizing and simplifying all of your living and play spaces. This includes merging households for newlyweds.


In-home services for the below area!

*All rates are inclusive of organizers and travel costs (if two weeks advance notice provided).*

MIDWEST: $55 / hour

DC & NYC: $100 / hour

ATLANTA: $65 / hour

DALLAS: $65 / hour

Home Inventory

Do you need an inventory of your high value items for insurance purposes, estate planning, gifting, or just to know what you have?


As a former Certified Internal Auditor, including two decades of compliance experience, our founder, Nicole Reed, has the knowledge and professionalism to perform and document a thorough inventory of your cherished belongings.

*All rates are inclusive of inventory experts and travel costs. Based on an eight - ten hour workday.*

MIDWEST: $300 / day

EAST COAST: $500 / day

SOUTH & SOUTHWEST: $300 / day

WEST COAST: $500 / day

Pre- and Post-Move Assistance 


Facilitating the purging and packing/unpacking of your home move.


In-home services for the below area!

*These rates do not include loading boxes on the truck or transportation.*

MIDWEST: $40 / hour

DC METRO: $55 / hour

ATLANTA: $40 / hour

DALLAS: $40 / hour

Sage and Home Reiki Service

As a trained Reiki Master and energy healer, sage and home reiki service can be added on to all Home Harmonization services for $25; otherwise the cost is $45 if other services.



Place items in the room they belong. You cannot grasp the amount of space needed if do not have everything in the space. 

Recruit Friends

Honest friends can help you purge and get your space in order. Especially if you reciprocate the good deed.

Say Bye to Bulk

If space is an issue stop bulk buying unless you are the 'Brady Bunch'. If you do not have concrete plans to consume or use within two weeks, do not buy.

No Freebies

Refrain from collecting swag from conferences if you do not plan on using it immediately.


On a budget? utilize fishbowls and vases for storage versus purchasing acrylic bins.  This works especially well for wrapped items where a lid is not required.

Take Time

How do you eat an elephant? One Bite at a time. set a timer for 20 minutes each day and straighten up as much as possible within that time frame to prevent becoming overwhelmed or maintain order.


Stop unsolicited mail, phone calls, and emails by visiting the FTC's website at this link:



Organize based on aesthetics or function.  For example, you can organize a bookshelf by color or by type (e.g., cookbooks).

Scan & Shred

Invest in a hand scanner or printer with scan functionality so you can shred and get rid of old piles of paper.

Clean Car

Make a recurring appointment to have the interior and exterior of your car detailed at least once a month.


create a filing system, especially for documents you do not readily need. have a box for taxes, insurance, etc.

Hire a Designer

An interior designer can help you acheive an anaesthetically pleasing environment for any space. Two I have used and highly recommend are Cleo Spears at Orchid Interiors and Nichelle Howard-Davis at Howard/Davis Interiors.

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